TOMVERSIGNAL – reliable signals for successful trading in the Forex market.

Every trader who is engaged in trade in the international Forex market, should have their own trading system and strategy to get a steady income. Some people spend their own careful analysis and study of quotes, use technical and wave analysis, apply numerous indicators on the charts, etc. However, it requires a lot of time. What to do if you are not able to spend a few hours a day on the analysis of the market? In such situations, it is advisable to use the mailing of trading signals TOMVERSIGNAL.


How to increase profits and minimize losses when trading with signals TOMVERSIGNAL?

Trading signals of our experts are the basis of the analysis conducted by experts and analysts TOMVERSIGNAL team and it is an efficient and reliable system. They provide stable profitability figures and in strict compliance with the MM allows you to trade successfully, spending for the trading terminal only a few minutes a day. However, we also offer a number of recommendations which will help to achieve even greater profitability and reduce risk to a minimum:

Before starting trading using the signals TOMVERSIGNAL, you need to remember a few simple rules. This will help to avoid problems and to reduce to a minimum the number of losing trades. So, you need to:

  • adhere to all the rules and recommendations identified in the user manual TOMVERSIGNAL;
  • consider the point that signals – is the direction to trade for the coming day (twenty-four hours).
  • in the signals are presented the basic parameters of Take Profit, Entry and Stop Loss. At the same time, the main indicators are the direction and range of the input. Other parameters are adjusted by you, depending on the acceptable risk. If there are no such preference as the default is Stop Loss which comes with the signal.
  • to trade without changing the size of the lot. It is advisable to start with a minimum bid (0.01 or 0.05, depending on your broker terms, deposit and risks), and then in the process of learning the system, gradually increase it. It is not recommended to open simultaneously transactions of different sizes for different currency pairs.
  • Before starting to work with trading signals TOMVERSIGNAL you should test them on a demo account. This will enable you to clearly understand the new strategy and to avoid blunders when dealing with real money.
  • It is recommended to fix a part of profits at levels TP1, TP2, TP3. The point is that the signal gives three different levels Take Profit, which are set at a certain distance from the the market entry point. TP1 level is closest to the price at which the transaction is opened, hence at this level the frequency of operation of the Take Profit is significantly higher (80-90%) than in the TP2 and TP3. On the last two levels profit should be fixed on the condition that reaching + 30-40 pips of profit you transfer a deal to breakeven and leave the of profit continue to grow until the end of the day or till the next morning where you will receive confirmation of the direction of the next day.
  • Remember: even if the trade deal is closed by Stop Loss it has little effect on the total monthly trade statistics (the frequency of Stop Loss is about 10-12%, whereas the take-profit is triggered in 80-90% of cases). Do not strive to make every transaction profitable (this result will give none of the existing trading systems and strategies). If you perceive the trade responsibly and without emotion, you will always be in profit.
  • At your discretion, you can use Trailing-Stop function, which is available in the majority of trade terminals. It automatically moves the stop-loss and keeps it at a certain distance from the current price. For example, if BUY order was opened for the currency pair AUD / USD at 0.7200 level, SL was set on the mark 0.7150 , and Trailing-Stop value is 20 points, when the price reaches level 0.7220 Stop Loss will be automatically transferred to breakeven. Then, as the price moves up, stop loss will “catch up” the quotes (if the exchange rate is 0.7240 SL will be established at the level of 0.7220, if the exchange rate is 0.7260 SL will be established at the level of 0.7240, etc.). This function reduces the likelihood of obtaining unprofitable Stop Loss and in case of failure, allows you to exit the market without loss or with profitable Stop Loss.

Also, when using TOMVERSIGNAL trading signals should be taken into account such nuances:

  • Signals indicate opening price of the transaction with a 20 pips range. For example, if in the mailing list SELL value is 0.7130-50 for the pair AUD / USD, you can create an order to sell at any price in the range of 0.7130 to 0.7150. If the price has gone beyond these limits (eg 0.7180 or more), in this case you get more chances to enter at a much better price than was specified in the signal, and therefore, with a lower SL.
  • If your risk per trade does not exceed 1 lot, you can break it into two or three orders maximum. But in any case, do not overdo it, and stick to the strict rules of your MM to the total amount in your trading plan.
  • If the trade deal is unsuccessful, and the price has gone in the opposite direction, it is recommended to set Take Profit at entry point level. Example: You have opened a deal to buy the pair AUD / USD at the level of 0.7150. The price has gone down to the level of 0.7120, but the stop-loss has not yet reacted. In this case, set the take profit at 0.7150 – this will “get rid of a little blood” because the transaction may close unprofitable for stop-loss, or break-even / bezpribylnomu take-profit. If you don’t transfer TP to the level of opening of the transaction, it is likely to be a loss.
  • If you set pending orders after receiving signals (as the price has not yet been, or it has not reached), but after 6-8 hours after that orders did not work, do not forget to remove them. The point is that after this time trading signals become less effective and reliable. They are, mostly, designed for intra-day trading.

After subscribing trading signals on TOMVERSIGNAL system will come to your email 1 time per day about 3-5 am GMT-0. Do not forget to check e-mail in the morning, in order not to miss the opportunity to make money by trading in the Forex market.

Please note: that at the trading signals is provided test period 8 trading days. During this time, you can use the service, to evaluate the effectiveness and profitability of the proposed signals, as well as to find a more suitable method for yourself

Mailing cost depends on the amount of the selected currency pairs:

  • START:            any 1 pair   —   $19.00 Per month
  • SILVER:           any 3 pairs  —  $59.00 Per month
  • GOLD:            any 5 pairs   —  $99.00 Per month
  • PLATINUM:  any 10 pairs  —$169.00 Per month




Profitability since 01 Jan 2015

USDJPY –70%TP (TP1-14%,TP2-19%,TP3-38%)-10%SL,20%BE
GBPUSD-82%TP (TP1-20%,TP2-13%,TP3-49%)- 8%SL,10 %BE
AUDUSD-64%TP (TP1-13%,TP2-15%,TP3-37%)- 6%SL,30 %BE
USDCAD-76%TP (TP1-14%,TP2-16%,TP3-46%)-14% SL,10%BE
EURUSD-65%TP (TP1-20%,TP2-15%,TP3-29%)- 9%SL,26 %BE
GBPJPY- 70%TP (TP1-8%,   TP2-12%,TP3-46%)- 23%SL, 7%BE
EURJPY- 78%TP (TP1-22%,TP2-17%,TP3-39%)- 12%SL,10%BE
EURGBP-67%TP (TP1-25%,TP2-12%,TP3-31%)-  9%SL, 24%BE
NZDUSD-70%TP (TP1-22%,TP2-11%,TP3-37%)12%SL,10%BE
USDCHF-63%TP (TP1-22%,TP2-18%,TP3-23%)-  7% SL,31%BE

After registering on our website you will have the opportunity to choose a suitable tariff plan and couples.

The most important priority of our service is to give a more accurate picture, and the entry point of the pair for the coming trading day.