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Customers on our Signals

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of our trade signals, we offer get acquainted with traders who have already used them. We serve a wide range of clients – both novices and professionals. In this section, they leave their opinions and suggestions on the work of our company – this will allow you to advance to get answers to all the questions that may arise in the course of trade by the signals FX SIGNAL system.

Parker Jameson

I feel quite satisfied with this service. This Signal Provider is the most profitable in comparison with some other providers that I’ve been using. Half of the trial time has passed but I can already say I’m getting profit more and more. But this signal makes me to enter trades according to the Asian market that isn’t so comfortable for me. Anyway I carry on. A small trouble happened to me in the beginning of my using of this service – a blank screen appeared once after the trial signals were extended. I addressed to admin with my problem and I have to say that service was quite fast and helpful. Everything is OK now, thank you guys. Now I go on with paid service.

Victor Stewart

The service is quite good but they promised to give daily forecast for free no matter if I have or do not have any subscription plan. Actually I see that after my trial account is no more valid I can’t get new forecasts anymore nor see the old ones. That’s sad for me.


Leslie Mackenz

Good signal, I only need to know about ways of payment. Do you accept only Paypal? Nothing else? It would be great if you have added few payment systems more… thank you in advance!


Marc Howlett

What I like in this Company is that I don’t need to think a lot, the experts does it instead of me. I only follow and get my money:)) Good job!


Vyral Ace

Wonderful signals, I get my benefits and my money. The signal works quite well.


Daniel Gillies

The signal is wonderful, gives 90% of helpful forecasts. Must have for traders.


Elvis Ndifor

What’s happened? I paid for 1 month of membership and I got only 2 weeks of signals in fact! Could you fix it please? The problem is solved, thank you. 5 stars for you.


Ismail Ayde

I tried this signal for the first time and wow, it’s a real machine for earnings! Accuracy is rather sharp here.


Tommy Biziou

The signals are almost 95% accurate, that’s very good. The trading signals you’ve got can be updated very soon so it needs attention anyway..


Raymond Wolfs

I liked the accuracy of this systems. I did my first trade in Nov’14 and since that time earned much money with this signal. Mainly I use EU, UJ and GU. My maximum earning is 1,200 pips during 1 month. Most of all I loved this Jan – 1,450 pips. Great job, thank you for benefit.


                                                            Ed Collins

I like the strategy and the trades coming with it. All the information needed is here.

Said Tabasarani

This signals is wonderful, thanks to those who made it in tomversignal, I enjoy using it for my trading. The best for me.

Chris Jericho

Great help for me to earn 100$ or 200$ more, the signal gives really good results. Thank you.

Enzo Griffin

I like the tomver signal and I’m going to stay with it, more than 90% or the forecasts really help me, use the tutorials to get more profit and you will enjoy earning more and more.

Abi Wyeamn

Hello to everyone, I want to say that the signal is quite wonderful for me. Oct `14 I started with it and earned nearly 1,300 pips in the next 6 weeks, during Oct and Nov. In Dec and Jan I got more than 1,500 pips for each month! That’s just superb! I really like the your signal and I will recommend it for anyone who asks. Good job, 95% accuracy forecasts. Thank you a lot.

Kumar Chand

This provider seems to be really good in its forecasts, I subscribe for 2 weeks now and if everything is ok I will subscribe for more.

Sandeep Singh

The experts seems to know the future )) Very high accuracy. Thank you tomversignal!

Teddy Howard

I used the Tomver signal for 2 days – and met the TP. I keep on using it for more! Thanks!

Danny Negreanu

Great job guys, I liked this provider a lot, useful indeed, awesome results.

Irbex Jones

The best signals provider in my trading life. My trial account will be expired in several days so I will pay for membership. Sure that I will get much more benefit. Good job..

Metin Candan

Customer support does its best 24 hours a day and I want to thank them for help with my problem. Thank you..

Raj Awate

The signal is excellent, the best I’ve ever seen for this purpose… It brings me constant profit.

Steve Shaffer

The signals is great and one needs just to learn and understand how it works, it brings a lot – 162 pips in 5 days :))

Nik Borman

Excellent product, I really like it now, the signals help a lot.

Naman Orton

Hi to everyone here. The signal is really good and helpful. I’d like to know if I can use my Mastercard to pay for the subscription plan. I need to make a new payment but something is wrong and I get the message that there is a problem with my payment, I need it to be fixed as soon as possible to continue. I will be waiting for your reply. The service is great, I want to carry on with it.

Mr Brown

I’m David and I have a question, why is there no full signal pairs if I use trial account for 1 week? Why was the ID banned permanently after that? I don’t think it really works; I am not satisfied, absolutely not. Think about it, I told you the situation

André Rondeua

Thanks to you guys for this signal, it truly helps me get my benefit on regular basis. The best signal provider!

Alberto Paez

The signals are correct and help to get the profit in the right time… Keep it going. I enjoy using the service.

Jay Filiatrault

Hello. I like the Tomver Signal in general but there are some moments that make it not perfect yet. I’ve never got any confirmation of reached target. It also never shows if trade should be closed. Those features should be added if possible

Thomas Murphy

Good in general but needs correction in some pairs.

Ali Daod

Good signals, just need to get them in the right time. Thank you.

Sinan Mertay

I feel I found the forex provider I was looking for so long. Really works good.

Ahmad Abed

This is a signal provider with about 90% accuracy. I earned 1,250 pips this month. Well done.

Gaurav Dadwal

Tomver signal is great, necessary for all the traders, experienced or not. My first money in trading was earned using this signal. Thanks a lot.

Gerard Mf

After trading with it for 4 months I have to say – great signal provider! The accuracy is almost perfect. Really helps me earn my money day by day.

Steve Picard

That’s the best signal provider I’ve ever tried! The only one thing I don’t like in it is that signals come when I’m sleeping and I don’t earn as much as I could. Also I would like to get the signals about mid trade.

Demir Sung

I am very happy that I’ve found this signal provider. No need to waste time and money to try any other, this one really helped me earn good money. I got the membership and keep on going.

Tomas Bengton

I use it for 3 weeks and I have to say that I earned with every signal I’ve got during this time. This provider costs its money, indeed. Thank you.